Sourdough Bread Class

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Sourdough Bread Day

Class Summary

Sourdough bread has suddenly become very poplar, but yet it is one of the oldest ways of making bread throughout the world. It takes a longer time to develop, enhancing the depth of flavour and producing a far better texture and taste.

Start Time 10.00am - 4.00pm

Cost £130 per person

Skill Level All skill levels

Class details

The Holy Grail of breads that artisans everywhere – both at home and on the high street – aspire to make well. This is Nature’s way of making bread, a long, slow fermentation of wild yeasts that exist naturally in the flour and results in a wonderful flavour and digestibility. An often seemingly complicated bread to make, Patrick will simplify it through becoming familiar with the process as you make German Pumpernickel Bread, a large pain au levin and begin your own sourdough starter to take home.

This hands-on class is the ideal follow on to our very popular “Use Your Loaf” class.

Class notices

The class includes a light lunch.
Class Date: 12th November 2021

All courses include

  • Tree

    Learn in our beautiful Yorkshire Wolds countryside surroundings

  • Chef's Hat

    Small class sizes ensure more one to one time with our experienced chefs

  • Bed

    Make your visit extra special and stay over in one of our nine luxury Bed and Breakfast rooms or brand new Glamping Cabins!

  • Disabled

    One work station can be lowered for those with disabilities or who may prefer to sit

  • Knife

    All ingredients and an apron are provided and day courses include lunch

  • Washing Up

    And best of all we do all the washing up!